About CBH

Centre on Behavioral Health – The University of Hong Kong
Founded in 2002, the Centre on Behavioral Health was set up under the Faculty of Social Sciences of The University of Hong Kong. The Centre cares about the society and aims at promoting holistic health in the community. Over the years, it maintains its visions to: integrate Western and Eastern philosophies and healing modalities to open up new knowledge in holistic health; adopt an unbiased and scientific approach to research on holistic health; provide professional trainings as well as education; and offer services to enhance individual and community wellbeing.

The Centre has built a multi-disciplinary team with different professional backgrounds. They include counselors, clinical psychologists, social workers, creative and expressive arts therapists, nurses, and full-time researchers
The major works of the Centre include:

(1) Behavioral health education
  Promote holistic health from the body (physical health, exercises, diet regimen), mind (thoughts, emotions, behaviors, relationships) and spirit (the meanings of life and goals, values and worldview) aspects. Health promotion is not just the absence of diseases, but to live life to the fullest and have every individuals’ potential fully expressed and utilized.
(2) Empirical Research
  The Centre is heavily involved in empirical research, include developing instruments to measure Body-Mind-Spirit holistic health, efficacy studies of BMS treatment on different populations, studies on the resilience and rehabilitation of cancer patients, studies on the relationship between psychological factors, physical factors such as hormones and immunity, relationship between traditional Chinese medicine and spiritual health, as well as the efficacy of expressive and creative arts therapy and its working mechanisms.
(3) Professional Training
  The Centre offers a range of professional training in Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit approach, counseling and psychotherapy, expressive and creative arts therapies, energy therapy, bereavement counseling, and other related areas. It also has live case demonstrations and offers customized training programmes for different organizations. In addition, it helps develop postgraduate level educational programmes through the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, including the Master of Social Sciences in Behavioral Health and *Master in Expressive Arts Therapy.
(4) Clinical service
  Clinical services include stress and emotional management, psychological counseling, marriage counseling, creative and expressive arts therapy, infertile couples counseling, and bereavement counseling.

The Centre is located at Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong. It is an elegant, comfortable and well-equipped centre for academic research, community education and holistic health service.  It also has a website (http://cbh.hku.hk) to convey education, academic research and service messages.