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Academic Staff
Professor Rainbow T.H. HO
Professor Rainbow Ho
Centre Director
Program Director, Master of Expressive Arts Therapy
Professor Rainbow Ho has joined the Centre on Behavioral Health since 2004. She holds degrees in Biology, Anatomy, and Social Work and Social Administration, professional diplomas in performing arts (dance) and movement analysis, and pedagogy of dance and somatic movement therapy. She is a registered and board-certified dance movement therapist, a certified movement analyst, a registered medical technologist, and a registered dance teacher. Professor Ho has extensive research experience in molecular cancer biology and clinical immunology.
Her current research interests include psycho-oncology, psychoneuroimmunology, mind-body interventions, spirituality, dance movement therapy, creative arts therapies, and non-verbal communications in psychotherapy. Apart from teaching and research, Professor Ho is also active in community services of promoting physical exercise, recreational activities, and healthy life style in clinical and healthy populations in Hong Kong.

Professor Cecilia L.W. CHAN
Professor Cecilia Chan
Founding Director
Associate Director
Prof. Cecilia L. W. Chan, founder of the Centre on Behavioral Health, has built her career as a social worker for the past twenty-five years. She is currently Professor of the Department of Social Work and Social Administration. Her research area includes empowerment and strength-focused intervention, life, death and bereavement, community mental health, suicide prevention, body-mind-spirit intervention, women and health, practice innovations and research.

Dr. Venus P.Y. Wong
Dr. Venus Wong
Associate Director
Acting Program Director, MSocSc (Behavioral Health)
Dr. Venus Wong received her BSS(General – Psychology), MSS(Behavioral Health) and Ph.D. degrees from The University of Hong Kong. Her teachings focus on behavioral health, mindfulness, spirituality, holistic clinical practice and wellbeing for healthcare professionals and educators.
Dr. Wong is a seasoned training consultant, specializes in strength-based body-mind-spirit approach integrating the indigenous wisdom and evidence-based practices from both the Eastern and Western teachings. She has been actively involved in wellbeing training for medical students, frontline health care practitioners and other human service professionals, including participants from Hong Kong, mainland China, US, and Korea. Her research interests include holistic intervention, mindfulness, and medical humanities. She is currently a voluntary member of the Plum Village Mindfulness Academy supporting the professional program development under the Plum Village tradition and the teaching of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Ms. Julia BYRNE
Ms. Julia BYRNE
Julia, formerly a teacher, grew up in Hong Kong and holds a Master's Degree in Art Therapy/Art Education from Florida State University (1994). She has extensive experience working through various local organizations/NGO's since 1995, piloting art therapy programmes and providing treatment to a wide variety of client groups with depression, schizophrenia, special needs (down syndrome, autism and ADHD) geriatrics, and rehabilitation (stroke and cancer patients) substance abuse, domestic violence, trauma survivors and self injury. Julia is the founding president of The Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists (HKAAT).
She also works with private clients (children, teenagers and adults) as well as families stemming from a psychodynamic framework to help resolve life issues.  She also integrates other modalities such as CBT, Analytical, Gestalt, and uses Behavioural/ Developmental approaches.  Julia is trained in EMDR (Level 1 and 2).

Mr. Ted C.T. FONG
Mr. Ted C. T. Fong
Research Officer
Mr Ted Fong received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Philosophy degrees from the University of Hong Kong. He is involved in various research projects and is responsible for data analyses and manuscript preparation. His current research interests are psychometrics, advanced methodology, and applied statistical analyses.

Mr. Alex T.S. HUI
Mr. Alex Hui
Practice Consultant
Mr. Alex Hui received Bachelor of Social Work (HKBU, 2000) and Master of Expressive Arts Therapy (HKU, 2016). He is a Registered Social Worker (RSW), Registered Arts Therapist (AThR), Registered Dance Therapist (BTD) and a Certified Zentangle Teacher. He has been working in the field of counselling, psychotherapy and crisis intervention with a wide range of client groups for almost 20 years, integrating expressive arts and dance therapy into his work. He is currently the Chairperson of Expressive Arts Therapy Association of Hong Kong and Fieldwork Instructor for social work students. He also conducts group workshops, professional trainings, educational seminars and team-building according to the needs of clients.

Mr. Adrian H.Y. WAN
Assistant Lecturer
Mr. Adrian Wan received postgraduate education in Postgruadate Certificate in Psychology (HKU, 2003), M.A. Trauma Psychology (CUHK, 2008), and Master of Social Work (HKU, 2011). As a researcher, his research interests are psycho-social oncology, cancer survivorship, coping with trauma, holistic health practices, as well as mindfulness practices and self-compassion. He was presented the Young Investigator Award in 2011 by the scientific committee of the 18th Hong Kong International Cancer Congress (HKICC). As a social work practitioner, Adrian integrates approaches of holistic healthcare, mindfulness-based interventions, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. He works with people suffering from a spectrum of mood-related problems; he also provides workshop and training to promote holistic health within community of helping professionals and general population in Hong Kong.

Post-doctoral Fellow
Dr. Caitlin CHAN
Research Assistant
Ms. Teresa CHIU
Ms. Joyce Fong
Mr. Chris LAM
Ms. Winnie LAM
Mr. Derek LUM
Mr. Joshua YAU
Administrative Staff
Mr. Bosco CHAN
Ms. Mona CHAN
Ms. Amy CHOI
Mr. Martin TANG
Ms. Sze WONG
Executive Committe
Professor Cecilia L.W. CHAN
Founding Director
Associate Director

Prof. Cecilia L. W. Chan, founder of the Centre on Behavioral Health, has built her career as a social worker for the past twenty-five years. She is currently Professor of the Department of Social Work and Social Administration. Her research area includes empowerment and strength-focused intervention, life, death and bereavement, community mental health, suicide prevention, body-mind-spirit intervention, women and health, practice innovations and research.

Professor Shu-Leong HO
Associate Director
Professor Shu-Leong Ho is a Clinical Professor and the Chief of Division (Neurology) at the University Department of Medicine, the University of Hong Kong, and an Honorary Consultant at Queen Mary Hospital and Tung Wah Hospital, Hong Kong. His interest lies in the pathogenesis and treatment of neurodegenerative disorders. He obtained his MB BCh at the University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff, UK, and was trained in Internal Medicine and Neurology in Coventry, Manchester and Birmingham, UK, prior to his employment with the University of Hong Kong.

Professor Tatia M.C. LEE
Associate Director
Prof. Tatia C. M. Lee is a Professor at the Department of Psychology at the University of Hong Kong. She is a chartered clinical psychologist and a Diplomat of the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology. She founded and is currently the director of the Neuropsychology Laboratory at the University of Hong Kong as well as the Institute of Clinical Neuropsychology at the MacLehose Medical Rehabilitation Center. Her research focuses on cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, and neuropsychiatry. Both behavioral and functional imaging paradigms are employed to conduct basic research and clinical trials to explore brain-behavior relationship.

Dr. Siu-man NG
Associate Director
Dr. Ng's specialty is psychiatric social work and Chinese medicine psychology. His research area is the application of Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese philosophies in mental health work. Current research projects are operationalization of stagnation (a concept from TCM) as a mental health construct; illness coping strategies in irritable bowel syndrome (especially symptoms catastrophizing and social hypervigilance); and the relations among chronic fatigue syndrome, burnout and spirituality.

Dr. Celia H.Y. Chan
Associate Director
Counseling and psychology on reproductive health (e.g. infertility and assisted reproduction technology, reproductive loss, antenatal and postnatal mood disorders); Couple counseling; family mediation; Integrated Body-mind-spirit Model; Life and death education; Ethical leadership and professional endeavor through service learning

Dr. Grace Y.K. CHEUNG
Executive Committee Member
Dr. Grace Y. K. Cheung is an Honorary Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Work and Social Administration at the University of Hong Kong and Director of Resculpt - Centre for Perosnal and Relational Reconstruction. Dr. Grace Cheung developed her professional social work practice as a Marriage and Family counselor in Hong Kong for the past twenty-three years. She has been in private practice for the past decade and has conducted numerous personal growth programs for teachers, social workers, parents and medical professionals. Additionally, she is responsible for practicum programs for social workers and secondary school teachers undergoing guidance training; and teaches the Satir Model to social work students at the University of Hong Kong.

Executive Committee Member
Research Interests:
- Sleep and Mood disorders
- Traditional Chinese medicine application in mental health


Honorary Professor
Cheung, Monit K.F. (Prof.)
Fung, Peter C.W. (Prof.)
Jackson, A.C. (Prof.)
Honorary Assistant Professor
Potash, Jordan (Dr.)
Center on Behavioral Health Fellow
Chen, Eric Y.H. (Prof.)
Chan, Wallace C.H. (Dr.)
Cheung, Peter K.H. (Dr.)
Evans, Philip D. (Prof.)
Ho, Andy H.Y. (Dr.)
Ho, P.C. (Prof.)
Lai, Julian C.L. (Dr.)
Lee, A.M. (Dr.)
Lee, M.Y. (Prof.)
Leung, Pamela P.Y. (Dr.)
Pon, Alicia K.L. (Dr.)
Spinks, J.A. (Prof.)
Tse, Samson S.K. (Prof.)
Kalmanowitz, Debra L. (Dr.)
Lum, Terry Y.S. (Prof.)
Lou, Vivian W. (Dr.)
Ran, M. (Dr.)
Tsang, Sandra K.M. (Dr.)
Wang. C.W. (Dr.)
Yuen, H.S. (Ms.)
Honorary Research Fellow
Chouliara, Z. (Dr.)
Honorary Clinical Associate
Chow, Amy Y.M. (Dr.)
Loo, Josephine Y.Y. (Mrs.)
Miu Lee, Peggy R. (Mrs.)
Wong, L.C. (Dr.)
Yeung, K.C. (Dr.)

Honorary Lecturer
Cheung, Grace P.Y.K. (Dr.)
Leung, Eric K.T. (Mr.)
Shen, Edward K.M. (Dr.)
Tin, Agnes F. (Ms.)