The Centre on Behavioral Health is operating on a self-financing basis. In the past, CBH has received donations in the form of cash, gift, research fund, endowments and corporate giving from interested individuals, corporations, and foundations to support the various meaningful and important work of the Centre. Hence, your generous support would go a long way to ensuring the success of our future action-research and community-service initiatives, as well as the sustainable development and strategic growth of our centre.

You can support the Centre on Behavioral Health in many ways:

Cash in cheques
  • Please make cash donation in the form of cheques made payable to "The University of Hong Kong ".

Electronic funds transfer or wire transfer
  • This is equivalent to cash donation as far as income tax charitable deduction is concerned. Please contact us for details of our bank account and we will ensure your donation will be properly acknowledged and allocated to the purpose as designated by you.

Gift donation
  • A meaningful way of donating to the CBH is to ask your friends who are planning to send you gift for your wedding, birthday or other celebration events to donate in cash to CBH instead. We will send out appreciation souvenir in your name to your friends and our appreciation and congratulation to you.

Corporate and foundation giving
  • Please contact us by Phone: 2831 5158, or Email:, for corporate and foundation giving to the Centre on Behavioral Health.